outsource your editing

editing shmediting. it's tedious, it's time consuming, and though it's how we make our art... art. it's okay to not love the process!

from one busy gal to the next i know how it feels to be swamped + unable to enjoy your life because the editing queue is way too long.

giving photographers back their time so that they can do other cool shit.

so let me help you.


custom color correction

  • lightroom preset application
  • brightness/contrast/color adjustments
  • cropping + straightening
  • noise reduction
  • sequencing + categorization
  • black + white copies (additional .10/photo)

72 hour turn around for sessions, 1 week turn around for weddings

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can't narrow it down? no worries. let me take care of that for you too.

  • plucking the best images keeping in mind your desired image count, style + significance, and image quality.

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for razzle dazzle-ing


  • object removal - $15/photo
  • face/head swapping - $15/photo
  • background + subject masks .10/photo
  • skin smoothing + extensive blemish removal .10/photo

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i'm ready!

ready to let me do the dirty work?

i  capture your love story in a fun, true to you way!

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private editing