I strive to make your experience with me as fun and stress-free as possible! My goal is to build a real, genuine relationship with every couple I work with, and I am passionate about telling your love story in a way that truly reflects you.

I turn the most important moments in time into timeless, emotion-filled imagery.


I was always the friend who had her phone out saying "WAIT! DON'T EAT THAT YET-- I NEED A PIC FIRST!" I have had a love for documenting little moments in time to look back on since I was a young kid-- but it wasn't until I was an adult that I quit my job and bought my first professional camera on a complete whim! I found my passion in documenting love stories very early on in my career-- and I LIVE for it.
My favorite part about being a wedding photographer are all of the relationships I get to make with others, and being a part of such special moments (I'm a crier, 100% chance  I will cry during first looks + dances lol NOT SORRY). Wedding photography is a keepsake that you will inevitably show future generations-- and I treat the biggest, most special day of your life accordingly.


I got a horrible grade in my high school photography class. I didn't follow the rulez.

I dreamed of going to architecture + design school when I was younger! But, alas, I can't even build a gingerbread house without it crumbling.

I'm an Enneagram Type 4-- and I'm super nerdy about personality types! I will likely ask you about yours, so make sure you know it! ;)

I grew up a huge cat person-- I didn't really care much for dogs until I met my Golden Retriever, Wren! Now I'm obsessed with pups of all kinds!

I'm afraid of lakes. So living in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, is a bit contradictory for me lol.

Fun Facts

Trevor is the owner of Videography Minnesota-- yep, you guessed it... a Minnesota-based Videography Company. ;)
He has had a passion for video since high school and wedding videography just felt like the next step down his creative journey. Trevor grew up with his eyes glued to the screen; If it wasn’t movies, it was video games or television shows, constantly picking apart the way scenes were created, what would happen next, and how it would be executed.

He believes that there is no better feeling than seeing a person react to your video the way that you intended.


“Vanessa is the best! From our first interaction over email she made it feel like we've already met 100 times which took all the nerves away for our first photo session. Her prompts at our engagement session were so much fun and the photos turned out AMAZING!”

“From our first interaction over email she made it feel like we've already met 100 times”

Hannah + patrick