it's vanessa aka

a taco bell loving, disco ball light obsessed, spicy pisces who always asks “why NOT?” instead of “why?”


lol jk

i’m not from texas but i will likely greet you with a “howdy” and celebrate with a “yeehaw!”

when i’m not editing or off at weddings you can usually find me binging the latest netflix original or watching the harry potter movies for the 20th time. i take my rot days very seriously, but i’m also the first one to wake up and decide that i’m gonna get a tattoo THAT DAY, or spend too much time at the plant shop debating between two plants only to buy both… and also a secret third one that i was considering.

i was always the friend who had her little pink point and shoot camera out saying "wait! i need a pic of that first!" i have had a love for documenting little moments + details in an artsy way since i was a teenager. [insert tumblr girl aesthetic here]. lots of education, practice, a few gear upgrades (okay, a LOT of gear upgrades), and finding the wedding industry later… i’ve found a passion in documenting other people’s moments + details for them to remember too!

howdy! it's me, v!

one thing about me is...

next secret

i would choose taco bell over a chance to eat at a michelin star restaurant

my hogwarts house is slytherin and i’m a huge harry potter nerd!

i have a cat named margot robbie that i call rob for short

all of my tattoos have been a walk-in appointments

I am the proud mother of 44 houseplants

i am afraid of swimming in the lake, but not afraid of the ocean

hit me up

and honestly? there are a lot of moments in my life that i wish i had a photograph of… because photographs keep the memory alive. you know how certain smells bring you back to a person/moment/place in time? that’s what looking at a photo feels like… but better. 

my love for keeping memories alive and my “why not” attitude is what drove me to quit the relentless cycle of working another new soul sucking job and create a business that i’m passionate about! it’s so much deeper than just taking photos. it’s about connection and celebrating love. It’s about telling your story + preserving memories. wedding photography is a keepsake that you will inevitably show future generations-- and i treat the biggest, most special day of your life accordingly.

still have questions? i most def got answers. + i might even make ya laugh!

all that we are really left with are memories

ok but at the end of the day

let's get after it!

ready to party

i  capture your love story in a fun, true to you way!

hey its me, v!







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